How To Customize Your Kicks and Paint Shoes

Interested in customizing your own pair of shoes with acrylic paint but don't really know where to start? Trust me, painting my own pair with a zero to minimal illustrating background was pretty difficult (but nonetheless fun!) If you're one of the many people who are interested in trying this out but are frozen before they even start the process, take a few minutes to read this tips!

-First timers - start simple. Simplicity is key, and can be REALLY cool on shoes. Try out different colors and shapes that go well together.

-I always recommend drawing the design out on pencil first before making it all permanent. Don't push down too hard so it won't be too difficult to erase.


1) Remove shoe laces

2) Cover areas you don't want painted with tape

3) Use the pencil to lightly draw your design

4) Use acrylic paint to fill in designs. You can play with shading. Mixing colors with white will help create a lighter tint, and adding a hint of black will create a darker tint.

5) After it's dried, use a marking pen to distinguish some of the shapes from the rest of the background. Find a position that will help keep your hand steady.

6) Remove tape & put laces back in

If you made a mistake, just let the paint dry and repaint over it. Shouldn't be an issue!

Don't forget, this is supposed to be a fun process. This is your art, so let yourself shine through it!

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