Find Your Voice With Art

Rock Your Kicks is the vehicle for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to connect their personalities with the outside world. The more we can value our own voice and empower others to do the same, the stronger community we can create where we can empathize with others' stories.

With all the different cultural and social settings that young kids grow up in, many feel the need to fall into a place where society tells them how to act, what to like and the wrong/right ways of expressing themselves. However, art lets them find their inner voice and create it for others where it is expected to be found least. It lets individuals value themseles and their story, creating a boost in confidence, inventiveness and be a foudation in an overall positive community.

Personalizing canvas sneakers gives people the opportunity to explore themselves as they project their personalities onto their style for the world to see. We have the opportunity to focus on thinking outside of the box and communicating our message from thin air onto our style. When we wrap-up an art project like personalizing our own kicks, our sense of dedication and self-value becomes stronger. Using art to express our voice lets us touch base with factors of ourselves we may not have known how to communicate otherwise.

Understanding and valuing ourselves empowers others to do the same. As we share our voice and learn to empathize with eachothers' stories, we take huge steps towards creating a safe space and positive community.

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