Collaboration Is Key to Artistic Growth

Ideas bounce around each of our heads all day. We get thoughts like "this is a great invention" or "this would be a fun movie idea", but by themselves they don't really mean anything more than just a "great idea" as they usually start and stay in our own heads heads.

Finished products that started as just an idea all have something in common: they've been shown in front of other people, molded and reformed to be as awesome as it is. They leave your head and are then vulnerable to be shaped by the ouside world and felt by those paying attention.

Let your idea see the world as that is how it can grow to it's full potential. This doesn't mean that you actually have to mold yourself to every idea thrown at you... but the more we hear from others, the more we can learn about ourselves. Sharing this idea with others is key to helping us grow as artists.

Here are 3 reasons on why collaboration is key to artistic growth:

1) Working with a team helps your growth as an artist because you learn how to mold your personal idea into something that will fit the bigger picture. A team working together and bringing in their own If you share a vision with another person, and the two (or more) of you end up working together towards that overall vision, then your movement becomes more invincible.You work together to solve problems, combining ideas to make the overall product the best it can be. Understanding how to work with people in this way and seeing their ideas teaches us how to look at situations, images, problems etc. with dfferent angles. .

2) Incorporating other ideas towards the common goal helps you look at situations with a different angle. Collaborations usually include cultural diversity. When an idea is rich with people of different social, racial, cultural, etc backgrounds, we learn how to communicate and understand one another in the broader context. Learning to communicate with one another from completely different backgrounds creates new kinds of ideas that wouldn't have been found elsewhere. This makes us overall better listeners and creates a deeper bridge between two different individuals.

3)We learn that we each have an important role and responsibility that we bring to the table We learn about accountability and how each person is important to the overall end product. When collaborating, we learn how to assign roles, accomplish the tasks within the roles and learn how to ask for help if needed. and how to negotiate their way through the group if they feel passionate about some ideas.

Collaboration is key to making projects more unique, and it also teaches us how to be better communicators and more confident with their ideas. Working together shows us how to trust one another to achieve an overall common goal be it writing a song, working on an art project or throwing an event. Learn to collaborate and you'll see the unending results of your work!

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