Create Art Everyday

David did one drawing a day for a year. He woke up an hour each day, making time to reach his goal while ultimately spilling ideas on sheet of paper. For every hour of work he put in he just became a better artist - technically and mentally. He did it in the morning before his creative inhibitions were touched by the "real world". According to his blog Project 365, doing this gave him the opportunity to receive feedback from friends and followers while also getting in touch with what his inner artist wanted to say.

Creating art that truly expresses yourself isn't always about just being "born with a gift". Doing art over and over again inevitably lets your inner voice spill on the pages each morning. Your confidence skyrockets as you put yourself vulnerable to the world and realize that you haven't fallen to pieces yet, and in fact, that creating something everyday has only made you a stronger individual. Focus is the key as you learn where your strengths are, and what parts of your art come naturally to you.

Try it! Be it a melody on the piano, a drawing in a sketch book, a photo you take with your smart phone... go put yourself out for everyone to see. Give yourself time when you wake up to put something together. With time and repetition, you'll start to notice your growth while also becoming more focused and attentitive to the parts of that world that truly make this a beautiful place.

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