Tips for Beginner Artists

Want to get into painting and don't even know where to start? You've come to the right place. Here are some tips on starting out along with basic materials you'll need if you're interested in exploring this artistic side of yourself.


I'd recommend starting off on a small surface. You'll be using less material for your project making the costs lower, and it will give you the opportunity to pay attention to details like mixing, shading and tone of colors.

- Tinting - Adding white to a color to make it lighter

- Shading - Adding black or a complimentary color to a paint to make it darker

- Tone - Adding black and white to a color to soften it so it will look different than how it does in the tube.

Acrylic paint (which comes with our Rock Your Kicks kit) is actually a great medium for beginners as it is water based (making it easier to work with and clean up without any extra materials) and low on toxins.

Start out with about 2 or 3 different brushes so you can see the difference in strokes that each brush makes. You want to make sure there is at least one big brush that can cover the surface pretty quickly and a smaller brush to work on the details with.

Create a palette that leaves room for each color from the tube as well as mixing new colors. Make sure that the black and white palettes aren't touching any of the colors so that you have more control of each color tone.

It will take alot less black to affect the color as it will take for white to lighten a color. It is much harder for a color to go from dark to light as it is for a color to go from light to dark.

Hope these simple tips helped! You can find several different colors, brushes and a palette in our kits.

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