Health Benefits of Creativity

Here are some (of many) HEALTH benefits to letting yourself be creative!

1) Mental - Increased Coordination Between the Left & Right Hemisphere of the Brain The brain needs Both the left (logical thinking and analysis) and right (emotional intuition) parts of itself to function at at it's best. One side cannot be exercised and efficient on it's own. As Raise Smart Kid puts it, "By stimulating and exercising the right hemisphere of the brain, the arts strengthen the connection between the hemispheres." Both hemisphere work together to achieve the full potential of the person's mind

2) Physical - Increased Motor Coordination at Young Ages Drawing, painting, writing, etc... all of these add to a combination of body movements that result in intended actions. These physical benefits play a foundation on what we teach our bodies to do along the path of life.

3) Emotional - Reduced Depression & Stress

Reducing depression, stress and anxiety creatse an overall healthier well being as these negative emotions play a toll in our energy and bodily activity. Reducing negative emotions and increasing the positive ones helps the flow of our days while also letting us enjoy and be present for the best moments. Being creative is a tool to be in touch with your inner selves and share with the world your soul.

There are studies found where creation actually helps our immune system as well. states that in "the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine used writing as a treatment for HIV patients found that the act of writing impacted the cells inside the patient’s body and improved their immune system."

As you can see, working on art has amazing tangible physical benefits as well. So go get creative!

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