Health Benefits of Creativity Pt 2

As the world progresses, it is vitally important to keep creative opportunities available for young kids. It sets them up to be innovators when they're old, hopefully creating steps to make the world a better place. As we get older and involved with "reality", many of us often find ourselves missing creative opportunities in front of us. The distractions continue to multiply as we give ourselves excuses such as, "Not enough time" or "It costs too much money."

However, there are plenty of excellent reasons to keep holding onto that creative side of yourself. Hare a few more physical, mental and emotional health benefits of creativity.

Physical - Stress, especially from work, inevitably leads to weight gain, high blood pressure, migraines, etc. However, the more we can let ourselves create and be around our passion, the more our bodies are able to be prepared for the hard and long "work" days keeping a balance in life.

Mental - We begin to have a sense of purpose as we start to be in touch with our core selves. Life stops being about money and grandeur, and you start to let the small things that make you happy have a say in your life.

Emotional - Being more creative will help you be more in touch with your emotions. As scary as that may sound to many people, it also provides an increase in innovation and energy. The noise that plays into self estreem and other negative emotions drows behind the voice that keeps you uplifted and motivated.

Being creative is something that shouldn't end at a certain age, no matter what the excuse is. We all have an inner child that we should listen to. Listen for when it calls to have fun! These small moments give you a new sense of beauty in life.

CItations: James Clear, CNN and Everyday Health

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