How to Deal With Boredom/Resistance When Starting a Project

Boredom may feel like a rock in our lives, distracting our creative inhibitions and playing down our excitement for taking on projects. This happens too often: we finally come up with the idea/project that we want to start and when we sit down to put it in motion, we get distracted by other irrelevant or tedious tasks such having the sudden urge to tidy the room, go on social media or text a friend. 99U states that this resistance is "...the invisible force that rises up within us, whenever we set our minds to a difficult creative challenge. Resistance knows how hard the task will be, and uses boredom to nudge us away from it, while offering us all kinds of easy ways out."

Sometimes we stare at that blank piece of paper knowing in our core that we WANT to start but are suddenly overwhelmed with the feelings that we CAN'T. BUT here's the secret to overcoming this obstacle. Just stay put. Wait out these feelings and keep your mind on the project and the bigger picture. All of a sudden, the moment that wants you to run away will become another moment of curiosity.

Here are some tips to get through these moments:

1. Give yourself a starting time of when you will start this project. Setting this goal will help defeat the rationalized excuses of you wanting to run.

2. Completely cut off distractions. Turn off your phone, go somewhere quiet and focus.

3. Don't try to fight the resistance. Rather, absorb and overcome it. This includes not moving around and distracting yourself either! It's about thinking about your own thoughts while you're in this moment. That in itself will make you stronger and help build the willpower to overcome resistance as it happens in the future.

Boredom may feel frustrating, but if you like it the right way, it can be a beautiful thing that helps you grow as a creative and deteremined individual. Just keep moving with one foot in front of the other!

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