Art Museums in Los Angeles to Explore with the Family

Los Angeles is a boiling pot of so many different cultures, art, music and films to come together. While museums are one of the best places to learn about history, culture and the arts, it is imortant to make sure there are also spaces where the kids can learn to understand the beauty of this city and culture together. Here are some of our favorite museums that are also catered for children to learn and enjoy at in the Greater Los Angeles area!

Griffith Observatory

This astronomy based museum lets you see the skies through their high quality solar telescopes, giving you invaluable knowledge on our planets and earth. The Samuel Oschin Planetarium is a theater that shows films with live storytellers to take you through the experience. There are also programs hosted on given days that go over the history of the observatory. space exploration and lectures on how important resources like water is to earth. This museum sits on the hills of Hollywood, giving you and the family a beautiful view of the city.


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art spans history starting from ancient times to today. The Arts for Nexgen Membership program is available for anyone under the age of 17. Here they can dive into learning about different cultures and art, and even get an opportunity for a family tour of the museum! There are also classes available where anyone of any skill level can learn how to paint, draw, work with clay and more!

California Science Center

This museum is revolved around hands-on access to science and technology. The interactive exhibists such as Journey to Space, which lets you experience space exploration first hand and Ecosystems, which is revolved around the animals and earth's ecosystems, makes for an overall irreplaceable experience. The community youth programs and camps stimulate curiosities, making a museum a regular part of a kid's life.

Zimmer's Children Museum

This museum gives kids opportunities to interact and express themselves through art. They have a theater and jam session with different cultural instruments, exposing kids to different experiences and worldviews.


The Getty museum houses European art, from painting to photography, covering time periods starting from it's beginnings to now. You can learn and play with the kids in the Getty family room, letting the kids decorate their own manuscript to using the art detective cards to guide you and the family through your museum experience. Some favorites are discovering the lives of Roman and Greek athletes and mythological creatures.

Visiting museums gives anyone invaluable knowledge and education on other cultures and history. It is a great place to learn and bond with the family, so make sure to look up listings of museums near you!

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