How To Stick to Your New Years Resolution

Sticking to our New Years resolution can be difficult! For many of us, by the end of the year, we don't even know our New Years resolution originally was. Sticking to a New Years resolution is as much about discipline as it is about our biology: are bodies listen to the primitive part of our brain (the part that deals with pleasure) before it listen to the front part of our brain (the rational). This train of thought is what causes us to eat a piece of chocolate even if we know we will regret it later. Here are some steps to work on letting the rational speak before the pleasurable, which inevitably will help with managing our self-discipline.

1. Practice Willpower Constantly

Willpower is the ability to control or restrain yourself. Start with doing things out of your comfort zone for the sake of creating a new habit. For example, find a time to meditate or write every day or try to control emotions during a sad movie. Practicing this often will strengthen the "muscle", but don't push too hard, as with a muscle you can always wear it out before it gets stronger.

2. Go One Step At A Time

Don't overload yourself, cornering your options. Treat yourself kindly and don't be too harsh. CHoose one habit you want to change first and master that.

3. Put Yourself in Positive Environments

It's proven that it is much easier to resist temptation when you are around laughter and happiness, as opposed to being in an environment where you feel uncomfortable.

4. Remind Yourself of Accomplishments

Do this in writing everyday if you have to. Remind yourself that you are not a failure, and that you have accomplished so much. This will give you the optimism and encouragement needed to keep working on your willpower.

5. Remind yourself of your goals. Create a dream board or draw a picture on the fridge of what you want to accomplish.

Following these steps will help remind you that you CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to! Keep these tips in mind when wanting to give into your New years Resolution. Every act of willpower will take you a long way!


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